More than just mortgages, our iLease program gives you access to a variety of non-mortgage products, ranging from equipment leases, to consumer financing loans, and everything in between! With iLease, we can provide you with:

Consumer loans
Business-to-business loans and leases
Vendor Leasing Programs
Eco-Home Loans
And more…

Financing options for you

iLease provides consumers with financing for items such as home renovations; HVAC equipment; fitness equipment; and MORE. We can even offer you an “Eco Home Loan” to make your home more environmentally friendly. A variety of different loans are available to help you to purchase what you really want.

Financing options for your business

Leasing has become one of the most widely used methods of financing for equipment and machinery acquisitions by businesses. With iLease, both new and used equipment transactions are accepted. Some examples of the types of equipment you can lease include: office furniture, computers, software, digital signage, heavy equipment, machinery, telephone equipment, technology – the list goes on and on. Our transactions range from $2,500 to $10,000,000 and up, with terms from 24 months to 84 months, for most types of equipment and machinery.

Other Lease Options
We also offer early refresh options that allow you to replace your existing equipment with new equipment at specified points during the lease. A range of end-of-term options are available, such as continuing on a monthly basis at the initial lease rate, renewing the lease, purchasing the equipment at Fair Market Value, or returning the equipment.

Business Loans
Business loans can be facilitated for those items that cannot be leased. Commercial finance products and services are available for companies that require working capital for expansion, operations, re-financing, etc. We can also provide consulting and financing services for succession, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

Even more options for your business - Vendor Programs

Our unique vendor programs allow us to also provide financing for your customers’ purchases. Depending on the product or services you provide to customers, financing provided may be a lease or a consumer loan, and both programs can be white-labeled as your very own financing program.
As part of our vendor program, you will receive the tools you require in order to quickly provide quotes to your clients; print off your own loan agreements; and easily integrate leasing into your company’s own website. You will receive fast credit decisions, often within hours, and best of all, once your client’s financing is finalized, you will be paid right away!

We pride ourselves on outstanding service

If you still need additional information, here are a few more reasons to give us a try:
We’ve already shopped the market so you don’t have to – we have funding sourced from over 35 of Canada’s top lease financing companies, commercial finance institutions, banks and merchant banks.

Save time with fast leasing quotes – With iLease, you get fast quotes on leasing arrangements that fit your situation. Credit decisions are prompt – usually the same day for smaller leasing deals, no more than a few days for larger leasing deals.

Save money with competitive rates – iLease gives you access to very competitive rates.

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